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افتراضي Other important advise and considerations for the air cargo Shipper
Other important advise considerations cargo f6.jpg

Your national of international shipping process should be part of your Logistics Plan (checklist). You want to control your logistics flow and shipping terms (incoterms). Because your shipments will probably be part of your own or your customer's supply chain (being costs or a profit tool), you want to assure timely arrival of the shipment and consider your logistic timeline.

Another important thing is to take care to (let your forwarder) arrange the right customs ********ation for clearance ease at destination, and be aware you will probably have to pay duty and VAT at import, unless you have arranged for special licenses or excemptions. The packing list is a good basis for your forwarder to arrange these matters with and for you.

Furthermore you may want to consider an air cargo insurance. Whether importing or exporting, using air freight (or road or ocean freight) for your international shipping, cargo insurance covers loss and/or damage of cargo while it is in transit between the points of origin and final destination. Many try to save a little money up front by not insuring their cargo, but here's just five of the many reasons why that's a bad idea.

So all in all it's important to be knowledgeable regarding your needs and be able to express your logistics requirements before you approach a forwarder or logistic provider, so that you can ask the right questions and the seller can offer you the right services.

Finally, take care to negotiate good (and complete) air freight rates with your forwarder and/or the airline, and check on the applicable surcharges (see the Forwarding Out page on these subjects also). The cost of your transport process, and so your profitability, are directly impacted by the concept of landed cost. In simple terms, landed cost is the cost of your product delivered to or from a foreign country. There are significant additional costs that can drive up the landed price of your goods overseas. Knowing these costs is crucial in order for exporters to ensure order profitability.

Once your logistics service provider started delivering services, it's important to regularly measure the agreed logistic performance (KPI's), as well as the customer service performance.

Look here for some frequently asked questions concerning air cargo and answers from a forwarder.