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افتراضي Emirates seeks South Asian cargo with Hong Kong-Delhi-Dubai route

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Emirates seeks South Asian cargo

Emirates’ SkyCargo is consolidating its air cargo business in the Far East and the Indian subcontinent through a weekly freighter service from hong Kong to Dubai via Delhi, starting June 1. The company explained its strategy as a way to “tap increasing cargo movements between Hong Kong, the world’s top cargo hub, and Delhi, India’s busiest cargo hub.”

The additional capacity will accommodate key exports from Hong Kong to India that include pharmaceutical raw materials, electronics and machinery. Exports from Delhi include leather goods, garments, pharmaceuticals and perishables.

SkyCargo connects shippers in Delhi to more than 150 destinations around the world via its hub in Dubai. As trade continues to grow between these two economic centers, the carrier expects demand for airfreight to follow suit. The service will employ a 777F, with 100 tonnes of cargo capacity, to accommodate large cargo consignments.

The flight departs Hong Kong every Wednesday evening and arrives in Delhi early on Thursday morning. The service then leaves Delhi and reaches Dubai the same morning.


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