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افتراضي Material and resource planning (MRP)

شركة أمكو فريت للشحن و التخليص الجمركى

Materials requirements planning (MRP) and resource (i.e., capacity) planning collectively
form the bridge between large-scale, aggregate plans and day-to-day scheduling and fulfillment
of particular customer orders. Much of this planning is enabled by the concept of
dependent demand, where the need for particular items and/or associated resources is
exactly related to the production or delivery of a specific final service or end item.

For example, changing and balancing a new set of tires for an automobile at the
previously described repair center might require the use of a service bay, 1.5 hours of a
mechanic’s time, four tires, and four valve stems. If a customer phones several days in
advance to make a service appointment, the resources (i.e., mechanic and service bay) can
be immediately booked for the needed time, and appropriate-sized tires can be ordered
from a distributor. Scheduling the pickup of the used tires for recycling is also possible.

These concepts are developed further in the final two cases in this chapter. Martin
Trailers considers both the complications surrounding the development of an aggregate
production plan and its translation into materials and resources plans. However, the seasonal
nature of the business, multiple product lines, and the necessity of hiring and laying
off temporary workers compound the challenge. Illustrious Corp. moves down one level
and focuses specifically on developing a detailed, though basic, MRP schedule for a product
and a few of its component parts.

In summary, by considering the integration of demand management, aggregate planning,
and material and resource planning, managers encounter operational elements that
are foundational for the effective and efficient delivery of goods and services.

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Freight Club, for people worldwide with an interest in freight industry, shipping line, import, export supply chain. this is the forum for you.

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